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Defense and Brightlands start developing super-strong AM material combinations

The first European consortium combining magnesium with polymers for 3D printing

Together with Brightlands, the Dutch Department of Defense will develop new magnesium-based material combinations for 3D printing applications. The consortium is the first in Europe to combine innovative 3D printing technology with a mix of magnesium and other materials.

The Ministry of Defence in the Netherlands and the innovation cluster Brightlands have signed a agreement together with the Province of Limburg about this research project. The aim is to mix magnesium, a light material, with other materials to create super-strong and at the same time feather-light constructions. The Ministry of Defence wants to use this to 3D print applications for military use.

Brightlands has already proven the combination of magnesium and light weight polymer materials. Some time ago the innovation cluster presented this concept for a customized bike, 3D printed of magnesium together with other light yet strong materials.

High quality materials

The Department of Defense in The Netherlands has been interested in the development of 3D printing and smart materials for quite a long time. “Today we are taking an important step in that area by starting a joint program in which we build up knowledge of printing with high-quality materials,” says Colonel Pieter van Broekhoven of the Defense Innovation Centre FRONT. This is the first project to emerge from the collaboration within the Defense Industry Platform Limburg.

Global Challenges

Brightlands is an international open innovation community of 24,000 entrepreneurs, researchers and students. From 4 campuses in Limburg, they work on solutions for global challenges in the areas of sustainability, health, digitization and nutricion.

If you’re interested in additive manufacturing for defense, take a look at de Virtual AM for Defense Conference that will be held in October 2020.

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